Tell Me Your Secrets is now available on Amazon Prime

A trio of complicated characters whose lives intersect drive this intense drama, which tackles a provocative topic: “how much we ever really know about the people we love,” says Tell Me Your Secrets creator and executive producer Harriet Warner.

The story centers on Emma (Lily Rabe, above), a woman in witness protection following her love affair with a man who turned out to be a serial killer (Xavier Samuel). That situation was inspired by actual notorious murder cases where a cloud of doubt lingered over a killer’s female partner. “It’s guilt by association. Complicity because of love,” says Warner. Among those suspicious of Emma is Mary (Amy Brenneman), a grieving but prickly mother of a missing young woman who truly believes that she knows what happened to her daughter. So she enlists the reluctant John (Hamish Linklater), a paroled criminal desperate to rebuild his life, to find the elusive Emma and get answers.

While there is a dark desperation to much of the action on the series (which was originally intended for TNT), there is also a thrill to figuring out the hidden motives of Mary, John and Emma. They do, after all, have plenty of secrets.

Tell Me Your Secrets is now available on Amazon Prime.

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